Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM of the Techno Class Association, including both T293 Class and T293Plus Class, will take place during the forthcoming Worlds in Puerto Sherry, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Andalucia, Spain - and is scheduled for Thursday 31st October.
The exact time and location will be published on the championship Official Notice Board, event and class websites; with a start time depending upon the end of racing for that day.
The Agenda for the meeting will include:
- Minutes of the 2018 AGM and any Matters Arising
- Chairman’s Report
- Financial Report
- Recommendations from the Committee
- Proposals received from the members

A detailed Agenda, including any proposals/submissions to be voted upon, will be published no later than the 15th October.
Proposals from members:
- to change Class Rules or Championship Rules;
- to amend the Constitution; 
- for future Championship venues;
should be submitted to the class secretary – – no later than the 7th October.